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In Rome, la vita e bella, even for business.

Preparing for the Greek Embassy event was no easy task. The bar was set high and the requirements were quite demanding. On the other hand, the team always aimed high and our local partners were brilliant and with a high morale. Everything seemed so good that it didn’t come as a surprise when we saw how enviously central our hotel was, on Via Laurina, right between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna. La Città Eterna at our feet!Hotel Centrale. Cute and small rooms with plenty of character. We left our luggage and stormed out for late dinner at Tratoria del Pollarolo.

The delightful house wine and authentic pizza was our warm welcome to the eternal city.The same warm welcome we accepted the next day by the Greek Ambassador and his wife, at the impressive building where the embassy is, in the Quartiere III Pinciano area. We did a few tweaks for the event and returned to the centre for lunch and sightseeing. Antica Οsteria Βrunetti offered us a dreamy snack: spinach mousse tart with local red wine. Having recharged our batteries, we headed towards –where else- Via Condotti and Via del Babuino.  Window shopping and Italian gelato in one hand.After an afternoon siesta in our friendly hotel, we chatted about everything, standing in front of the balcony window with our cigarette, gazing at a traditional Italian patio full of flowers, steps and colours from the past. Once in Rome, always go for an aperitivo. Ours waited at Il Fico cocktail bar, in a small street next to Piazza Navona.  The crowd was young and happy; the bar staff adorable; the drinks were Martini extra dry, Aperol Spritz and Campari.  As Italian as it gets!

The enticing little restaurants of the area lured us and finally we gave in to the temptation of authentic pasta and pizza at the La Focaccia trattoria, under the Chiostro del Bramante art museum. What an absolutely charming experience!The next day started refreshingly with freshly squeezed sanguine, served in the most immaculate manner, in the courtyard of Hotel de Russie and continued with our visit to the Greek Embassy for the last details. All was ready and perfectly organised.We had just enough time to nibble on an original salad and drink Italian beer at the exceptional Ami in Campo Marzio.Feeling excited, we welcomed our guests in the evening at the spacious embassy hall. Lots of smiles, new acquaintances and meetings with old friends and business partners.

Preparing for the Greek Embassy event was no easy task.

In a crowded hall, the Promotion of Epirus as a Tourist Destination and Agricultural Producer was launched to reporters and tourist agents. The presentation had a tremendous success. So much so that we didn’t make it to the buffé where the Epirus delicatessen and wines were on display. Osteria Brunetti compensated us once more.  We went there for dinner with our team and local partners. Their contribution to the success of the event was crucial. We also owe them for the beautiful time we had that evening in Rome.
Last stop for the night was the most famous gelateria in Rome. La Romana in Via Venti Settembre. We still remember today that mascarpone with coffee and chocolate! When we returned to the hotel, it was really late. What a day we’ve had! Last day in Rome. Despite the weather forecast, the weather conspired in our favour and we had a lovely morning with Italian espresso, fruit salad and tarts, at the shop next to the hotel. And because our motto is Work, Stroll and Learn, we had to add a museum in our itinerary. Therefore, we visited Maxxi Museum, designed by the great Zaha Hadid. After that, we went for a quick sightseeing, a little shopping and a light lunch at La Grotte, before we returned to the hotel.
We took our last aperitivo at Antica Enoteca and had a tasting of the famous Italian cold cuts. And of course, Spumante. In Rome, every single minute, La vita e bella!

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