You are currently viewing Brussels. All work and no play without chocolate.

Brussels. All work and no play without chocolate.

We arrived at Brussels from Paris by train. Took a taxi and went straight to NH Brussels Carrefour de l’ Europe in Rue du Marché aux Herbes, next to Grande Place. We waited to be served by the only person working at the reception desk. The welcome chocolate plate compensated us and turned this into the sweetest check in ever. There was a communicating door between the hotel and a small chocolaterie next door. Three cheers from the team. 

We left our stuff in the room and went to get a bite to eat, as we were famished. We looked for the famous mussels with fries, but time must be passing differently for the Belgians. Most of the restaurants around Grande Place were closed. Finally we found a little restaurant and became its only customers. Attracted by its outdoor sign with a dozen different kinds of cooked mussels, we ordered 3 different dishes and were ready to order a fourth when a voice, in Greek, warned us about the size of portions. The owner was Greek! We went mussel dipping.

Since our event Promotion of Crete as Tourist destination was on this very evening, we returned for a little rest to our hotel.

Strophilia Restaurant & Cellar Bar in Rue du Marché aux Porcs, one of the oldest Greek restaurants, had its cellar reserved for us.

 The chef had prepared Cretan delicacies and the focal point was a big bench for the making of the famous Cretan dakos. Our guests arrived on time.  The presentation was carried out by our partners and afterwards journalists and tour operators were asked to make their own dakos, under the watchful eye of the sous chefs. The event attracted great interest and was very successful. We didn’t finish until late so we went straight to bed.

We woke up early next morning to get the chance for some sightseeing since we were going back home later on. We enjoyed a stroll around the square, bought some divine chocolates from the shop next to the hotel and bid goodbye to Brussels with big sips of rich Belgian hot chocolate at Mokafé, in  Galerie du Roi 9.